Inspiration at Its Best: The Boy Who Harnessed The Wind

Updated: Jun 21

What do you expect from a boy who was born in a poor family in a village which can barely feed itself, let alone make it modern. Well, these wonders do happen once in a blue moon. Such is the story of William Kamkwamba.

When you first look at the book, your first feeling would be, "harness the wind? How on Earth!" and that is exactly what a book needs to have. A brilliant title. Me for one, immediately picked it up and started reading it, didn't even read the description!

William Kamkwamba was just another poor African boy from the outside. He barely ate three meals a day, worked in his free times in the fields and didn't know English very well. But, from the inside he was someone else altogether. The hunger, to gain more and more knowledge, the passion to make a mark in this world and the desire to make his village a better place drove him towards what he is today.

His village, frequently ravaged by drought and food scarcity was not at all an ideal place for such a mind. But as they say, If there is a will there is a way. With the help of a library where he found his guide, a dumpyard which sparked his curiosity, his father's cycle and the wind he created Africa's first windmill.

I wont put a number of stars for rating this book. I don't feel that any number of stars is worth what this book should get. In a word its priceless. A must read by all. A lesson for every community, religion, individual, child and citizen of this world.

What we learn from him is very simple to say, but its meaning is very deep. Whatever the problem is, however many hurdles the world is throwing at you, don't back down! Keep doing it! I promise you one fine day you will look back and smile at those hurdles and call them blessings instead.

Life is not a ladder, life is a mountain. However rocky the way up might be, one day you will reach the top. From there, it is your choice to go down or remain at the top.

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