Fun Fiction 2: Ranger's Apprentice: The Ruins Of Gorlan (BOOK 1)

A lovable book for those who love adventure and also those who don't!

Morgarath, The Lord Of Rain and Night, is silently plotting to defeat his long enemy King Duncan. He is rallying awful troops, known as wargals, from the mountains and controlling them with his mind. He has also taken control of a very dangerous race of creatures known as Kalkaras.

Meanwhile in castle Redmont, an orphan named Will is anxious about which craft he will be accepted to. His friends are all suited for their schools of choice. Although Will's first choice was BattleSchool

because he thought his father was a brave knight, he is refused and is instead appointed as apprentice with Ranger Halt.

I wouldn't tell more about the plot because I don't want to spoil the story for you guys.

Mr. Flannagan has a truly beautiful style of weaving out stories. The book got me stuck till the time I finished it. If you are dealing with sleep problem, don't read this book. It will keep you awake till late night because you just can't keep it down, and if you do this impossible task, you'll feel like the loneliest person in the world because you just cant get over the book. The book's got all the traits that a good fiction and adventure book needs. Its got humour, emotion, a plot, setting, eye catching title and cover, twists, suspense, you name it!

The main characters, Will, Halt and Horace are magically sculpted. I could see them floating before my eyes throughout the story. Their details and characteristics that were provided pretty much summed them up.

When I picked up this book I was searching for something to do with magic, like controlling fire. water etc. But it's cover caught my eye, and I thought "lets go with it." Now I just can't believe my luck. The books fantastic and also the series is super long. Its said, "good things that last longer are better than brilliant things that are short lived." Well this book is a brilliant piece of work that lasts forever!

Coming to the end I would suggest this book to all the people who like a mixture of adventure and fiction and also everyone on the planet who would like to read a new book with a new taste. Try it and you'll not repent it!


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