Fiction Fun 1: TimeRiders Series By Alex Scarrow


Three teenagers from three different periods of time are confronted by an old man just before dying. They are asked to join a secret organisation that no one knows about? Can they manage to live in world like this, where days keep repeating?

Writing style

What a writing by Alex Scarrow! Characters are described so well that you can almost feel them sitting beside you. Me being from India can relate to Sal (and her curse words). Liam O'Connor, the Irishman, is taken to the point of humour when its not too much, not too less, just right! As for Maddy Carter, Mr. Alex has made sure to put all points a leader should have in a jug and then pour it in her.


All the books consist of about 300-400 pages and last about a week if you take it easy (though I couldn't... I was so engrossed that I finished a book in two days, four days max). The entire series consists of total nine books and are available in audiobooks and kindle as well.


Sometimes, just sometimes, I felt that the science was going over my head. Although, I might be the only one.

I also found some loopholes... Like, in the first book when they saw that the generator is causing so much trouble, why didn't they get a new one that works better?

Who would like it?

If you are fascinated with time travel and time related mysteries, TimeRiders is the book series for you!

Also, If you generally like fiction and are ready to explore new books, I'll suggest it! But, if you don't like fiction at all and find them to be a unrealistic, then you might not want to read it.


⭐⭐⭐⭐ out of five.

Books link :- -(book set)

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